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Where’s the Reality?

A quote from the book “Pure Land, Pure Mind” that I would like to share.

To Layman P’eng Chun-chu of Chiang-yin

Few people live much past seventy – how long can our lives possibly last? Now in this eventing time [of your life], you better put aside all your worries and concerns, and see through this world. It’s like a play. Where’s the reality?

Just pass the time with the one sound: “Amitabha Buddha.” Make the world of ultimate bliss in the west your own home. [Think to yourself]: “If I recite the buddha-name and practice buddha-remembrance now, later I will be born in the Western Paradise. How fortunate!” Generate great joy, and stop feeling vexed and afflicted.

If you encounter things that do not go as you wish, immediately push your mind to this one sound, the buddha-name, and quickly focus on reciting it. Turn the light around [onto the source of your own awareness] and reflect back. [Think to yourself:] “[In essence] I am an inhabitant of the world of Amitabha Buddha. Why then do I have the same views and consciousness as a worldly person, creating feelings of anger and joy one after another?”

Singlemindedly recite the buddha-name. This is the peaceful, blissful Dharma-gate of great liberation for people who live in wisdom.

Vincent Lai Blog »The Way of Inquiry said,

June 3, 2006 @ 12:00 am

[…] The Buddha warned strongly against blind faith and encouraged the way of truthful inquiry. He pointed out the danger in fashioning one’s beliefs merely on the folloing grounds: hearsay, tradition, because many others say it is so, the authority of ancientscriptures, the world of a supernatural being or out of trust in one’s teachers, elders or priests. Instead one maintains an open mind and thoroughly investigates one’s own experience of life. When one sees for oneself that a particular view agrees with both experience and reason and leads to the happiness of one and all, then one should accept that view and live up to it! […]

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