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Finding Lost Mind

Reading the book “Pure Land Pure Mind” and would like to share a quote on “Finding Lost Mind”.

Reply to Liu Kuang-shu, Layman Shou-fu, of Hu-kuang

Ordinary people have let their minds get lost. First they learn how to gather in their minds. Later they find their minds.

There is not just one method to gather in the mind. Buddha-remembrance through reciting the buddha-name is foremost among such methods in terms of being highly effective and easy to make progress in. An ancient said:

With the other methods of studying the Path, it’s like an ant climbing a lofty mountain. With reciting the buddha-name and birth in the Pure Land, it’s like [being in a boat] moving along with the current with wind in the sails.

When thoughts arise, it is not necessary to anything else to annihilate them: just put your attention on the words “Amitabha Buddha” and keep it there with all your strength. This is the meditative work of gathering in mind. Suddenly you will awaken: this is called “finding mind”.

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