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Practice of the Six Perfections

Practice of the Six Perfections by Mindfulness of the Buddha

In true mindfulness of the Buddha,
letting go of attachment to one’s body, mind and the world
is the great Perfection of Giving.

In true mindfulness of the Buddha,
not giving rise to any thought of greed, hatred or ignorance
is the great Perfection of Morality.

In true mindfulness of the Buddha,
not being attached to conflicts or hearsay of others and oneself
is the Great Perfection of Patience.

In true mindfulness of the Buddha,
having neither a slight break of continuity of mindfulness nor any confused thoughts in between
is the Great Perfection of Effort.

In true mindfulness of the Buddha,
neither giving rise to, driven by nor chasing after stray thoughts
is the Great Perfection of Concentration.

In true mindfulness of the Buddha,
not being tempted by any delusion
is the Great Perfection of Wisdom.

By 蕅益大师 Venerable Ou Yi (The Ninth Chinese Patriarch of Pureland Buddhism)
Translated into English by Shen Shi’an

Mindfulness of the Buddha:
Mindful verbal or silent recitation of the Buddha’s name or remembrance of the Buddha and His virtues.

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Meaning of Namo Amitabha (Amituofo)

“Namo Amitabha Buddha” (meaning homage to the Amitabha Buddha, and the name “Amitabha” means boundless light and infinite life), “Amitabha Buddha,” or simply, but with equal reverence, “Amitabha.”
~ Quoted from On Chanting…

Recitation is one of the central practices of Pure Land Buddhism. It involves the concentrated and heartfelt repetitive recitation of “Namo Amitabha Buddha” (Homage to the Buddha of Boundless Compassion and Wisdom). In Chinese this phrase is “Namo Omito-Fo” or “Namo Amituofo”, in Japanese, “Namu Amida Butsu.”
~ Quoted from Pure Land Buddhism


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